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At SBNG, we believe the foundation of a great Firm is laid by its employees.

We maintain a casual, friendly, close-knit office environment which affords capable, motivated individuals the opportunity to enjoy a challenging career with potential for personal and professional growth. We believe we attract some of the best talent because of our commitment to provide our employees with a pleasant work environment that nurtures their careers and provides flexibility for them to pursue areas of interest outside of their career.

Like any firm, we experience some turnover from time to time. We try to keep turnover to a minimum by providing relevant, timely training and maintaining our focus as a family - oriented business. For our staff, we allow them to continue with school so that they are qualified to sit for the CPA exam. Annually, we purchase study materials that they can use to help prepare them for the exam. We also pay for the first four sittings of the exam and when they pass the exam, we pay them a bonus. It is not only in their best interest, but in our best interest to make sure they have the tools and funds to be successful.

Because we believe the community has given so much to our people, we encourage each of them to volunteer for a local non-profit board and give something back to our community. We allow them the time they need to be able to make a difference in the community.

We value the opportunity to bring a unique employment experience to our professionals than is typically experienced in our profession today. We are always looking for capable individuals to join our team in a variety of positions. If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the form below.

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