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Local Governments

With over 40 years of experience providing services for our governmental clients, we understand the need for transparent, concise, and up-to-date financial statements and reporting to constituents. Governmental audits are some of the most complex in the accounting industry today, and we realize that many small governmental entities face difficulty in complying with regulatory requirements due to shortage of personnel and resources. 

During the audit process, we spend the time up-front to understand the governmental entity's economic and operating background. We work with management to ensure the information needed for the audit is gathered efficiently, and we design our audit procedures to fit the size and nature of each client. We also provide guidance to our clients to help navigate the audit process, and ensure that audit findings, if any, are clear and to the point. Our goal is to ensure that in every engagement, we provide auditing services designed to ensure transparent financial reporting, identify control deficiencies, and deliver timely information.

We have served the following types of governmental clients:

  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Special-purpose governments
  • Emergency services districts
  • Appraisal districs
  • Individual component units and special revenue funds
  • Other governmental entities

Our team stays current in this complex area by meeting or exceeding the continuing education requirements of the Governmental Auditing Standards Board (GASB), attending continuing professional education programs and conferences, and reviewing monthly publications from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and GASB.

We are committed to exceeding the highest-quality standards of our profession in each service we provide to our clients. Click below to learn more about our commitment to quality, which includes our peer review results and membership in the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center and Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center.

Learn more about our "Commitment to Quality"

Our services for governmental clients include:

Audit & Assurance Services

  • Compliance (Single) audits under Uniform Guidance and Texas State Single Audits
  • Governmental audits under Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book)
  • Agreed-upon procedures (AUP)

Additional Industry-Specific Services

  • Assistance with preparation of Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)
  • Assistance with preparation of Required Supplementary Information (RSI), such as an MD&A or budgetary comparison schedule
  • Grant reporting, grant writing and other grant-related tasks
  • Budget preparation and reporting
  • Monitoring of specific programs to determine compliance with laws, contracts and regulations
  • Implementation of internal controls specific to contract requirements
  • Assistance with internal audit projects
  • Indirect rate negotiations and indirect cost allocation plans

Other Services

  • Outsourced CFO services
  • Due diligence procedures
  • Internal control reviews
  • Assistance with fiscal year-end close
  • Accounting system set-up and transition
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping and tax filings
  • Written policy development and staff training
  • Various additional small business accounting services
  • Various additional consulting and other services

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