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  • Career Opportunity! Supervisor, Audit Department

    SBNG, PC is seeking a motivated Audit Supervisor to join our team. You will have the opportunity to work for a local CPA firm in El Paso, Texas that audits clients in industries such as construction, non-profit and governmental, service, employee benefit plans, real estate, and many others. The Audit supervisor is responsible for leading multiple audit engagements, developing client relationships, completing audit engagements and special projects that require moderate or advanced skills, assisting with firm management responsibilities, and developing industry expertise.

    Audit Supervisors hold a Certified Public Accounting License and are the cornerstone of Firm management. Supervisors play a key role in managing the audit department’s project workflow, assisting with the recruitment process, providing training to audit staff and seniors, and assisting firm shareholders in implementing best practices.  The supervisor is also expected to be in-charge of key audit engagements and special projects. The expected time allotted to management activities is approximately 25%. The Audit supervisor position is designed for professionals that are interested in becoming part of the Firm’s management team. Supervisors are expected to be team players and earn the Firm’s philosophy. Advancement into Manager position is expected if the candidate demonstrates proficiency and progresses towards agreed upon milestones.


    • Display high proficiency in understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and financial statements preparation.
    • Display a thorough understanding of generally accepted auditing standards, and be able to apply common audit procedures and techniques.
    • Assume responsibility for effectively and efficiently planning, supervising and completing both assurance and consulting engagements.
    • Supervise staff on multiple engagement teams, and effectively communicate, managers and shareholders engagement status and issues.
    • Develop and sustain client relationships with new and existing clients.
    • Be able to identify audit risk areas and propose solutions to different complexities and client concerns.
    • Display the ability to prioritize and multitask, have strong organizational skills, and be deadline and detail-oriented.
    • Display interest in being a team player. Look for ways to implement best practices, improve and efficiency.
    • Demonstrate commitment to providing quality professional services and staying current with changing accounting standards and regulations.


    • Certified Public Accountant
    • Minimum of 4 years of experience working in public accounting and performing financial statement audits.  Experience in other fields of accounting is welcomed but will not be considered in meeting the minimum 4 year requirement in audit. 
    • Experience completing audit planning and risk assessment procedures.
    • Experience completing diverse audit areas and interacting with clients in the field.
    • Experience in reviewing audit workpapers completed by another audit staff.
    • Experience in designing audit programs and tailoring procedures to different clients.
    • Experience drafting financial statements, audit reports, management letters and auditor findings.
    • Experience in monitoring audit time budgets.
    • Previous experience completing first-year audit engagement.
    • Experience training and developing new audit staff members.
    • Excellent written and verbal proficiency. This position requires communication with clients, shareholders, and staff, and may include occasional public speaking and presentations.
    • Previous experience with accounting research tools. Previous experience with CCH® and Checkpoint ® is preferred but not required.
    • Previous experience in the following industries is preferred but not required: Construction, Non-for-Profit, Employee Benefit Plans, Single Audits, Government Agencies.
    • Must be able to work in the field and in the office on a full-time basis. The position will only occasionally involve working remotely.


    • Health insurance
    • 401(k) plan
    • Life insurance
    • Supplemental insurance (optional)
    • Flexible spending account
    • CPA Exam study materials and testing fees
    • Compensated time-off plan, in addition to base vacation hours.
    • Summer office hours (Memorial Day – Labor Day)


    Based on candidate’s experience.  Compensation is determined based on the local market, with possibility of annual raises. Details will be provided to interested candidates during interview process.

    If you are interested in applying for this position and joining our team, please complete the Apply for a Position form on our Careers page and select the "Supervisor" option, along with the Audit & Assurance area of focus.


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